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Pre-Construction Services:
  • Participate in preliminary site visits to assist in identifying cost responsibility and allocation

  • Review potential project obstacles and unforeseen costs in advance

  • Contract development, contract review or both

  • Deliver timely and accurate project cost estimates

  • Coordinate, recommend, and schedule tenants’ vendors including data, furniture, audio visual and movers

Construction Phase Services:
  • Ensure timely project delivery through detailed scheduling, lead times, and major milestones

  • Facilitate important details such as Submittals, Requests for Further Information, and Change Orders quickly and efficiently

  • Manage and maintain progress, quality, and safety of projects

  • Coordinate and/or conduct Owner, Architect, Contractor (OAC) meetings to enhance communication

  • Guide all projects with dedicated onsite supervision, and reinforce positive subcontractor relationships

Post-Construction Phase Services:
  • Conduct thorough punch list walk, making certain all outstanding items are completed to satisfaction

  • Furnish close out documents including Owner’s Manual, As-Built drawings, warranties and lien waivers

  • Maintain successful relationships with our clients

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